Why use Headhunter/Recruitment agency services?

Most companies have their own Human Resources to do their recruitment, if so, why bother using any headhunters’ services?

I would say that there is no difference at all unless for one thing, the time value that you saved by paying the placement fee to the headhunter.

Time value means you let the headhunter or recruitment agency to do all the recruitment process so that the Human Resources people can be more effective in doing their day to day job.

As we all know, that recruiting process is an extremely long process starting from identifying the job opening, preparing job description and person specification, advertising the vacancy, manage the response, short-listing, arranging interviews, to decision making/offers. When your Human resources is not performing up to your expectation as a user/business owner/leader in recruiting the right candidate in a timely manner, then it is time to ask for headhunters’ help.

In Indonesia, especially when now is the candidates’ driven market, it is harder to find a suitable candidate with the right value. For some executive positions, there are only so many quality candidates available in the market, and the bad news is, they are not actively looking for a job.

This is when a headhunter comes in handy, we represent your company and do all the process as mentioned before and there are few value added points by using Headhunter. Headhunter could assist the client in managing candidates’ expectations under the condition that the communication and trust are greatly practice by both headhunter and the client itself.

Even though there is no guarantee, but most of the time, using headhunter will speed up the shortlisting time therefore saving time in hiring the right candidate and saving cost as well. Some companies are reluctant to pay the placement fee to the Headhunter/recruitment agency, which the market price is currently between 18-25% of annual remuneration, with the mindset that the internal human resources would be able to do the job.

However, this is actually more costly to let you Human resources ‘dwell’ with the recruitment process while they still have their day to day operation task which would be affected by the time spend on the recruiting itself. The other cost would be using the old fashioned way of advertising the job openings such as newspaper ad or any other paid advertisements, while the headhunters usually already have access to those sources.

Headhunters know who is available in the market depending on the job position therefore they can source the candidate faster. In an extreme example, where a company is currently looking for a Sales Director position that needs to be filled in 1-2 months at the latest and they are expecting the Human Resources to find the candidate but end up not to be able to fill that position after several months. That is a huge lost to a company comparing to spend on the Headhunter service and fill that position, let say in 2 months where a great Sales Director would immediately start generating revenue to your company. Time value is usually forgotten by most companies.

Be smart in choosing your Headhunter. Set a meeting with your headhunter and get a chemistry check while discussing with them how their services would assist you. You want to work with a person you could trust, feel comfortable and expect a great service in the process; this is a service business after all. Good luck in searching the right candidate and Happy Hunting!

Beny Djohan
- a professional recruitment consultant.

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