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Indonesia is one of the fastest growing Countries in South East Asia. Blessed with abundance of Rich Natural Sources, beginning of economy and political stability and coupled with more than 50% of its population are in still in their productive age, Indonesia has become a magnet for entrepreneurs and large multinational corporates alike. Along with Indonesia’s positive economic growth, a large number of work opportunities are created. This requires an equally large workforce to fulfil these newly created opportunities to establish and sustain businesses that sprout in Indonesia for the last 10 – 20 years.


Plenty of these businesses set up offices in Indonesia and no doubt recruitment is a necessity. Although it seems straight forward, recruitment process has been known to be lengthy, cyclical and exhausting immense effort. This takes valuable time and effort from a Company’s workforce to perform an activity that is not their core business. This is where Recruitment Firms in Indonesia come into play. Recruitment firms in Indonesia offer their recruitment service and work together with companies to source the right candidate to join their team. Recruitment firms take away the endless profile sorting, CV reviews, initial engagement and interviews of various candidates to narrow them down to just a handful for the Client to choose from. This has not only greatly shortened the recruitment process, but also ensures that the existing valuable workforce is concentrating on their doing their core business.


Currently, there are easily more than 20 recruitment firms in Indonesia. They vary from local Indonesian to multinational recruitment firms. Their services also vary from providing strict recruitment service in Indonesia to psychotest, management consulting and outsourcing. One must wonder how to select the best recruitment firm that fulfils their recruitment requirement.


Keys to select the right recruitment firm for your recruitment need, do check:

  • 1. The management of the recruitment firm. Plenty of recruitment firms in Indonesia have managements that do not have prior / previous experience in recruitment. Do always check!
  • 2. The recruitment firm’s expertise. Do they specialize in executive (such as managerial, Director, C-level ) level positions or low level positions / outsourcing.
  • 3. The recruitment firm’s service fee . Current service fee in the market is 25%.  Of course for a client, the lower service fee is better. Just like the saying “you get what you paid for” will also ring true. More often, the quality of candidate being supplied will not be up to par. We often have clients that re-approached us because they were unsatisfied with using lower fee firms.
  • 4. The recruitment firm’s commitment and guarantee. A good recruitment firm will always be committed to their client. This means that the firm will provide their best service to the client to assist in client’s recruitment needs and also ensure confidentiality between firm and client is upheld at all times. A good recruitment firm will also provide a guarantee for their supplied candidates to maintain Client’s satisfaction.
  • 5. The recruitment firm’s professionalism. A good recruitment firm will perform their service in totality to ensure that every possible loop holes or obstacles that may exist whilst recruiting the right candidate for the Client is closed or mitigated.


Obed Caleb,

Director of Presley Consulting

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