Presley Strategy

Our broad networking in local market, social media and our professional consultants will be the differentiation in delivering the best candidate available in the market to fulfill your requirements and bring success to your company.

We at Presley Consulting strive for an Excellency in service and to ensure we deliver a high level consistent of the service itself.

Our strategy in recruitment process:

1. Business Development
Developing new business is the core of our business. To make sure we are having a healthy pipeline and the most update market trend, we are engaged with our preferred client with their recruitment needs.

2. Job Openings
Discussing the details of the job openings with all the descriptions needed is extremely important in order to find the right candidate. Good communications between Presley Consulting and its clients is vital to ease the searching process.

3. Hunting & Research
This is the stage where Presley Consulting represents its clients in the best way to attract the right candidate for the right job equipped with all the soft skills and X factors, includes the personal character that suits our clients' company culture.
Our extensive and broad networking is the key for us to target specific candidates. We will do the detailed preliminary interview to weigh in all aspects from the candidates, such as personality, future aspiration/commitments, cultural fits, not just on paper/CV.

4. Submission
With our thorough process above, we then submit the most qualified candidates with the entire summary including our comments for your review. Presley Consulting top priority is to submit only the qualified candidates therefore saving the time for client in choosing the right candidate.

5. Organizer
Presley Consulting is responsible to organize and follow through the whole interview process for both the candidates and clients. This process will involve several interview processes before the offering stage.

6. Reference Checks
As professional recruiting consultants, we are able to gather information obejectively that allows our clients to benchmark the candidate’s skills and personal qualities against the job description. Furthermore, with a highly detailed and well managed reference checks, we assure your hires are the finest in the market.

7. Offering stage
Presley Consulting will assure that the offering is a win-win solution whereby our clients get the best candidate available in the market, while our candidates get the best acceptance rate above the industry average. Good communications with both our clients and candidates will assist us in managing the expectations from both parties and assist us to smooth the process.

8. Feed backs
Asking and getting feedbacks after the whole process is done is the greatest thing to do to improve our services from time to time and assist us in maintaining good relationship with both clients and candidates.